icehouse cryotherapy

web design / wordpress development / SEO

This is the second website the Gui has completed. He does a fantastic job, will be coming back for any additional web design needs. Thank you!

The project

IceHouse Cryotherapy is the newsest cryotherapy studio in Seattle, WA and aims at providing cutting edge treatments to athletes. In order to drive his new business to succes Filipp, founder of IceHouse Cryotherapy, needed a website that would serve 2 functions: inform and provide booking function for his clients as well as educate the public on the new treatment that is cryotherapy. The website I have designed for Filipp offer just that, integrating the MindBody booking function for instant booking through the website directly as well as a nicely structured informative section and a weekly updated blog. An extensive work on the SEO allow the website to rank within the first 5 results on Google for relevant keywords within the first 3 months!