About me

freelance web design


Hiring a Freelance Web Designer is the garanty to collaborate on one-on-one with the person who is working on your website. Collaborative work means better understanding of the project from start with the total flexibility to make any changes you need any time you like. I am based in Taiwan but work with clients all around the world, that's flexible too.


Where agencies charge web development project based on how much having a whole team involve cost, I am on my own. Most websites for small businesses or individuals are a one man job and the cost should be set accordingly. Hiring a Freelance Web Designer helps ensure your site is right on the money right from the start and almost systematically induces more affordable project.

Going further

sustainability and perfomance

Web design isn't only about drafting and coding. It's about identifying the fundamental business goals and apply the relevant strategies to the design and development of the website. On the technical side, a website should always be easy to update, secured and optimised. Jimujing makes sustainable websites that help you establish a powerfull digital footprint.

More than just design

From concept to hosting

full set of services

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My customers

individuals, small businesses and web agencies

I am constently working for web agencies who hire me for their needs in front-end development, mostly related to custom themes development on WordPress. For exemple, I will often develop a website based on a Photoshop mockup that I will translate into clean HTML5 / CSS3.

Although I love working as part of a team of dedicated developers, I also love handling my own projects for individuals and small businesses, working hard for my clients while having a lot of fun along the way.